first day in the gallery as a new artist virgina park 10.09 2017.jpg

As an archaeologist by day, I was first drawn to encaustic painting by its antiquity. Beeswax was originally used by shipbuilders to waterproof ships in ancient Greece. In the following centuries and millennia, the addition of dammar resin and pigment to melted beeswax became an important technique for painting death portraits, religious icons, and other expressions of artistic creativity. The artform has experienced a resurgence in recent years, and I embraced it both for its unpredictability and its adaptability. 

I am drawn to exploring ways to portray the natural world through color, line, texture, and multimedia applications. Birds, landscapes, trees, and flowers (some might call them weeds) are among my favorite subjects to interpret. The learning process is ongoing, bringing me joy every time I put wax to wood!