In 1971, while training in the United States Virgin Islands for the Peace Corps, Thomas Carey bought his very first 35mm camera.  He fell in love with photography and the Caribbean. He was totally captivated by the peoples who inhabit the islands, the visual stimulation of the environment, and the cultural differences between the islands.

The island experience left him fascinated with bright colors and their use in clothing, architecture, and other art forms. This led to a photographic series documenting the “tagging” found on rail cars and buildings. Thomas found himself frequenting rail yards and photographing “tagging” from all over the United States, highlighting the perception of graffiti as a viable art form.

Since retiring from a career in social work in 2015, Thomas has turned his attention to documenting the beauty of carefully tended vintage airplanes as well as antique automobiles left to the weathering effects of different environments.

Please handle metal prints carefully to avoid bending, denting or crushing the metal. As with any piece of fine art work, avoid hanging in direct sunlight. The surface of the metal can be cleaned using a clean soft microfiber cloth and water.