The word ‘photography’ is derived from the Greek roots phōtos meaning light and graphé meaning drawing: Together meaning Drawing with Light.   That’s best describes what I set out to do. 


Although I enjoy photographing all types of things, I really don’t consider myself a photographer but an artist that works in the medium of photography.  Focused mostly on natural landscapes, I hope to impart a sense of emotion with my images.  Utilizing the camera’s ability to freeze time and space and see the world in a way our eyes cannot, I want my images to convey an emotional impact that we can’t get from our visual senses as they react and are dulled by the constant stream of real time input.  Working to overcome the limitations of current photographic technologies, I sometimes blend multiple frames comprising different focus points, light exposures and shutter speeds to create a final image that sees the natural world in a way our eyes cannot.

I have been photographing the world since I was 8 years old. Although my equipment has changed, my enthusiasm and anticipation to capture the next image that excites me has not.  I hope my images help to instill within you a sense of wonder at the natural beauty of our world.