Randal Leek is a Pacific Northwest artist who creates contemporary sculptures from exotic woods found in his travels abroad. His sculptures capture the nature of the tree from which they came as well as the natural beauty and sometimes brutal forms within. Most of the spectacular material used in his pieces was found in the deserts and mountains of Sudan, Afghanistan or Thailand, as aged, dried and weathered hardwoods.  The inspiration for his work comes from natural forms, such as the shape of a leaf, or the curves of a blade of grass, but refined in art by precise edges and polished surfaces contrasting with the untouched roughness of exposed weathering.

Although a native of the Puget Sound area, throughout his life, Leek has been open to all forms of art, first through family and friends living in Mendocino, California, and later through his own love of natural form found on the shores of Puget Sound and in the forests of the Cascades. He received his M.S. Engineering degree from Washington State University and has worked overseas for 20 years in humanitarian assistance in Sudan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, India, Pakistan, and most recently in Afghanistan.