Inspired by the simplicity of every day scenes, Debra J Houston works to bring those items to their extreme through an expression of dramatic color and exaggerated light. Living in the Pacific Northwest, she’s surrounded by natural beauty but the depiction of landscapes and street scenes comes from an interpreted existence rather than precise physical locations.

When beginning a painting, Houston starts with just an idea or focal point that develops throughout the creation. She allows the paint and colors to move her vs having a carefully mapped out plan for each piece. An emotional interest is the true goal in her work. Creating a mood, reflection, wonder….something which allows the viewer to escape each and every time you take it in.

Having always been intrigued by vivid colors and textures and through countless hours of experimentation and practice, Debra’s become a versatile artist depicting landscapes, cityscapes and street scenes.

Recent work is done with both a pallet knife and a brush, which can provide intricate detail while still leaving a lot of room for your interpretation. Using oils and acrylics she paints on a variety of surfaces including, canvas, board and Plexiglas.

Houston’s work currently hangs in both private and corporate collections throughout The United States.