After working in clay for a number of years, I have embarked upon a new passion, painting.  I love the freedom and vitality of the abstract and find that acrylics are best suited for that spontaneity. The ability to work with color – so different than my ceramics when the color is only realized when the pieces are taken out of the kiln – is so amazing and delicious. The somewhat unpredictable results are endlessly interesting.”

“I often use acrylic inks as they have the ability to flow easily, especially on watercolor paper.”

“Although I usually have some idea of the composition and certainly the color palette, these change often. As the painting takes shape it reveals new qualities in each interaction. Most often the pieces seem to create themselves –I am just watching, ‘going along’ with what the moment brings.”

“Although I truly like the abstract, I find myself painting landscapes and flowers, too.  I seem to never know which direction I am going to go, which is some of the fun.  I like to use many layers of acrylic to get the depth and texture that I am looking for – maybe because of my ceramic background.”


Marilyn Woods