Educated at Linfield College and the Pacific Northwest College of Arts, I followed my artist/educator Mother into the field of fine art.
Marjorie Wintermute F.A.I.A introduced me to all forms of creativity at a young age. Growing up in a home filled with artists, architects and potters, could not have been more creative. Museums were regular stops primarily the Museum of Arts and Craft where my Mother was an active member. As an architect my mother was prolific and I spend many days on job sites with her. In later years as an educator at Portland State and founder of the “Architects in the Schools” program, she and I lead Art and Architecture tours to Europe.

I spent most of my career in business, returning to the arts 7 years ago. Many days were spent in class and in the studio looking for my voice as a painter.
I have emerged as an Impressionist/Expressionist painter and colorist, heavily influenced by my move to the Oregon Coast a few years ago. I paint in pastel, acrylic and oil and cold wax but am not afraid to find a new medium. My paintings are getting more abstracted as I grow as a painter. I am a forever learner and regularly take classes from the best in my field.

In the last year I have begun teaching and now hold workshops all over western Oregon on a year round basis.