I’ve always LOVED to make art.  Printmaking has been my passion since I first discovered it when I took it as an elective my first year of undergraduate school (my intended major was sculpture).  I was hooked.  I graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Printmaking and Book Arts and my heart has been that of a printmaker ever since. 


Life has thrown some unexpected challenges my way.  My son Trevor is loving, funny, imaginative, intelligent and profoundly autistic. Living with someone on the autism spectrum is exhausting, mentally and physically.  As he’s gotten older and services provided to him have gotten fewer and far between I’ve found myself unable to be away from the house more and more.  Thankfully, I can make art at home!

Art has truly saved my soul and my sanity.  When I’m working on a new linocut or woodcut I get lost in it.  It takes me away from being a mom of an autistic child.  It makes me forget for a little while about my daily life and my uncertain future.  I need it.  It gets me up some mornings and helps me sleep better some nights.  The bonus is people enjoy it!  I’m proud and honored every time someone purchases a piece of my art! In addition to printmaking, over the past year I’ve learned to weld and do woodworking.  I incorporate these techniques in with my printmaking as one of a kind works of art such as my series of woodcarvings with handmade frames made from Teredo clam wood.     

Sharing my love for printmaking through teaching is another passion and I currently do so in several art centers throughout Washington State.    

So, I don’t just love to make art, I NEED to make art. Even if no one ever purchased another piece I would continue to make it, share it and enjoy it but I would need to rent a seriously large storage facility!