Leon has enjoyed drawing and painting since early childhood. He was first introduced to acrylics by a high school art teacher. His first paintings were steeped in realism and influenced by the Caribbean land and seascapes of Puerto Rico where he grew up. It was not until college, studying for a BA in Art Education and later an MA in Painting that he began experimenting with abstraction and collage.

His current abstract paintings show influences of the bold outdoors of the Pacific Northwest where he currently resides and the bright tropical colors of his youth. His vibrant compositions show the contrast of strong sunlight, open spaces, the freedom of ocean breezes and the joyous and spirited island lifestyle of the Caribbean.

Leon finds great satisfaction in the challenge of creating abstract compositions that makes sense to his artist’s eye. Painting allows him the freedom to borrow from his past, experiment in a meaningful context, and paint in a way that reflects the way he feels about the world today. His work can be found in homes and businesses throughout the United States.