I am drawn to clay in ways that are sometimes hard to translate into words. There is something about molding an object from a lump of clay, be it porcelain or stoneware, thrown on a wheel or built by hand. There is a balance that can be achieved that draws me into my studio each and every day. I do not sketch my work prior to constructing it but the vision that is so strong in my mind guides my hands and eyes into developing the images that I conceive. I love finding the hidden nuances and bringing those out in sometimes very subtle ways. It is a dance, one that I plan on continuing for many many years to come.

I specialize in thrown and hand built fine porcelain that has been burnished to a soft polished surface that is fired in a naked raku firing. The firing process is a dance between the porcelain and the carbon atmosphere and it is not until they emerge from the reduction chamber that I know how the surface will appear. There are distinct subtleties within each individual piece that emerge through the process of manipulating the clay.

In addition to my Naked Raku collection, I also create a line of functional glazed ceramics. These pieces are either wheel thrown or slab built pieces using molds that I make myself. I explore the many textures and patterns and the balance between raw clay and the glazed surface.

I fire my glazed work in several different firing atmospheres and each is unique to the clay that was used or the design of the piece itself. The oxidation atmosphere lends itself to the translucent glazes and a porcelain surface where a reduction atmosphere can enhance a beautiful stoneware clay rich with texture.