Although Kimberli Matin was the “artist in the family”, her passion for marketing and product development led her to obtain a communications degree from Portland State University and an early career in Marketing and Public Relations.

It wasn’t long, however, before the call to create art became too strong to ignore.  After experimenting with various art forms, Kimberli began creating with steel in the early 1990′s.  Since then she has designed, handcrafted, and sold thousands of pieces to more than eighty galleries throughout the United States.  She even invented a new process for planning and creating pieces by scanning architectural parts and arranging them in her computer design program.

Kimberli greatly enjoys teaching Welding For Fun workshops.  After living in the backwoods of North Carolina for almost twenty years, Kimberli has returned to her beloved hometown, Portland Oregon.

What Kimberli really wants people to know is that she is a creativity junkie who is passionate about sharing the creative process with others through her work and teaching