I am discovering the art world and loving it. My name is Kim Nickens and I am a Quilling artist.  All my work is created with three things: paper, glue, and a quilling tool.  I became interested in Quilling when I saw an advertisement on the internet. With one click my world changed. I found that this was an ancient art form dating back to the origination of paper in China thousands of years ago. The earlier works are hard to find because of the delicate nature of paper. Many artifacts that have been found were adorned boxes, cards and some jewelry. My work is framed in the most archival manner I can find. I tell people if it deteriorates in a thousand years, I will refund their money.

After some research, I set out to find supplies and had no luck, so to the internet I turned again. I ordered paper and the special tool, but I am an impatient person - yes I really am - so I cut my own paper and asked my husband to make me a quilling tool. I showed him a picture and, lo and behold, he presented me with a very primitive tool made from a piece of metal and a wine cork. There is a picture of it on my website. Once the real supplies arrived I started and never stopped. 

I now hang in 3 galleries and sell at many art shows throughout the Northwest. This all happened 2 years ago and my work hangs all over the world: China, France, Russia and Canada. The lesson I hope everyone takes from my story is to never stop trying new things. You never know when something can send you on a new journey you never expected. Life is grand.

I get my inspiration from nature but most of it comes from my father. His name was Darcy Efraimson and he was an artist right up to the time he passed. He drew a cartoon self-portrait for his own obituary. My father had a love of paper and used it as a medium but in a much different way than me. So much of the time I am creating I feel him with me. I truly believe he is guiding me because I am not an artist. He is the artist. My artwork gives me great comfort and a whole lot of joy.

I call it feel good art!