Nature has always been my muse. My style combines direct observations with memories and experiences, to create new landscapes and seascapes—not merely copied, but transformed. My process invites both intention and chance—the intense interaction of colors, overlapping layers and textures—simultaneously frustrating and exciting—help guide the direction of my work. I have lived and traveled in the some of the most diverse landscapes of the West- from a life spent along the foothills of the Rockies, to my true love, the coastal northwest. These landscapes & seascapes continue to influence my work.

I work primarily in encaustic and it has captured my heart! From the smell of the medium to the magical way it fuses together—layer upon layer of translucent colors and texture. It's mesmerizing to watch the heat from my torch turn the solid wax surface into a liquified state, pushing it here and there, revealing what lies beneath. And then within minutes of cooling, return to its solid state.