Breezy Anderson is a self-taught sculptor who has turned her lifelong fascination with metal and movement into a form of self-expression. 

Growing up in Santa Cruz, California and Sun Valley, Idaho she experienced a wide variety of art and culture.  From an early age the mechanics of everyday objects fascinated her.  She would spend endless hours taking the mechanical world around her apart and reconstructing it.  This is the basis of her artistic vision.

She lived in Europe for 7 years and during her extensive travels she discovered her love of abstract art.  Her true passion is the story a sculpture can tell.  Her work begins with a single interesting object, which sparks the inspiration for the story she creates.  Breezy works with all metals.  In her words, “Every metal has an energy that evokes its own experience working with it.  I let the metal tell me what it wants to do, and the results fascinate me.  The creativity comes without thinking.  I have no fear of trying something completely new and different as I feel art flourishes with a sense of adventure.  At the end of the day I’m sad to leave my shop, and I can’t wait to get back.”

Breezy’s current body of work is kinetic.  Her challenge is to design and build sculptures that have both visual and physical movement.  As part of her process, she sketches; hand cuts; and fabricates the piece while incorporating industrial parts and mechanical objects, which strike her curiosity.

Breezy lives by the motto “Do more of what makes you happy.”