A big welcome to new Dragonfire Gallery artist Kim Schult, who knows a thing or two about crows. Living on a five acre farm in Washington, Kim has ample opportunity to observe and paint a local flock of crows. Her highly detailed acrylics perfectly capture the wild spirit of these enigmatic birds. We are delighted to be the first gallery to feature Kim's paintings

NEW ARTIST Joanne Shellan

Join us in welcoming Seattle artist Joanne Shellan to DragonFire! Spend a little time enjoying Joanne's paintings and her love of people and their environments becomes delightfully apparent. Using rich color tones and texture, Joanne captures and savors the essence of everyday moments

NEW ARTIST Penny Forrest


We would like to welcome Penny Forrest to DragonFire! Combining a fabulous color palette with lively texture and a witty narrative sensibility, Penny's acrylics draw you right in to the small daily moments that combine to make life wonderful and huge. Satisfaction is always the best when you stand in front of a painting, but if you can't make it in to the gallery, grab a cup of tea and linger over Penny's work here: