My art form is painting. I am abstract in my approach. I consider myself to be a content painter. The story beneath a painting is in play long before I begin. I work in a series with an underlying topic; there may be several going forward in my studio at one time. There are also solo works, response paintings which are reactions to global as well as local events. Subjects have included the traumatic tsunami in Japan, political rhetoric surrounding global warming, as well as inspiring news.

I am heavily influenced by color, which is my most powerful vehicle. My paintings evolve with no preliminary drawings. My canvas alternates between horizontal positioning on a table to upright on the easel. Acrylic paint applied in a fluid wash helps to develop my abstract composition. The contrast achieved with transparencies juxtaposed with opaque areas is another dynamic I explore in my painting process.

In 2000, I completed a master of fine arts degree. In 2006 I retired from the Boise School District as an art educator. I miss teaching, but I have savored being back in my studio fulltime. I actively pursue public art opportunities in Boise. I was recently awarded the Boise Airport Ticketing Mural which was dedicated in October of 2013. Seeing my work reproduced to that monumental scale is a profound experience. I was selected by Boise City for the Traffic Box Project; my art is located at Thirteenth and Main.