Few media attract like glass.  Color and light transform in ways that are unique.  It has vibrancy and depth not achieved by other art forms.  The processes of producing and shaping glass uses basic elements of earth and fire. Glass once valued only as a utilitarian material is now celebrated for the clarity, transparency and luminescence found in contemporary art glass.

I grew up roaming and “making” in the outdoors of Oregon.  Early exposure to formal art instruction and lots of room for experimentation has culminated in my being a maker of glass. The glass I make reflects the textures and colors of the natural world.  
After many years creating in stained glass, I took my first fusing class in 2004.  A new world opened to me, and I threw myself into the fusing process.  I am drawn to the depth and complexity that are possible by layering glass into translucent images of amazing power.  Every piece represents continuous learning and renewed excitement.  
I believe in the power and responsibility of teaching, and have benefited greatly from the instruction I have received.   I am committed to teach others my glass techniques and share my discoveries and joy.