Creating art should be about giving vision to who you are and how you react to the world. My clay sculptures reveal what I think and what I want to be true for me.

The stories art objects record have always fascinated me. My story is that art is elemental and everything can be viewed through the eyes of an artist. For the past few years my art has reflected my firm belief that a positive attitude can open social interactions, connecting memories and feelings.

After a teaching career ranging from a one-room schoolhouse, to the border with Mexico, to the Navajo Indian Reservation; from gang schools to high schools where the students hang Picassos in the guest bathroom, ending at Arizona State University, I have become a full time artist.

The isolation of my Washington state studio allows me the time to explore the ideas and skills I have developed over the years. My work is most influenced by study with Chinese Yixing artist, Junya Shao. I use traditional handbuilding clay techniques and tools to shape slabs of clay into my fanciful creatures.